Why Health Then Wellness Coaching?

Health Then Wellness coaching creates custom learning programs empowering women to improve their overall health, wellness, and fitness. My journey with metastatic breast cancer and living WILDFIT to survive the diagnosis inspired me to motivate other women to achieve permanent body transformation, retune their minds for lifelong health and wellness, heal their bodies and reverse aging.

As a result of working with me, you will gain powerful mind-body practices that rapidly and permanently transform every marker of health and fitness while reprogramming unhealthy habits, accelerating healing and recovery, and turning back the clock on premature aging.

Wendy Harmon PhD Certified WILDFIT, Holobody, 10X, Wellness, Mindvalley Life Coach

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Wendy’s Living WILDFIT Journey

I started WILDFIT because of my passion for health and fitness. Living WILDFIT helped me navigate my journey with metastatic breast cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation with as much energy and vibrance as possible. As a result, I became a Certified WILDFIT Coach to help others navigate their journey, prevent disease, and live a healthier life.

Why We All Need To be Living WILDFIT

When my girlfriend found WILDFIT through Mindvalley and asked me to do it with her, I immediately said “yes.” I completed my WILDFIT 90 Challenge in February of 2017. Unfortunately, in October of the same year, I was diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer, how is that even possible! The test results had to be wrong. I lived a healthy life with exercise, good eating habits and was never obese. So when genetic testing turned up negative as a cause for my cancer, I was lost, walking around in total disbelief, and searching for an explanation.

There is no doubt in my mind that living WILDFIT helped me get through my cancer journey because I was giving my body with nutrients it needed to heal and stay cancer-free. Still looking for an explanation of why I got cancer, I mindlessly wandered back into reviewing some of the WILDFIT 90 principles and found my reasonable explanation.

One main WILDIFT principle is that it is far more critical to get enough of the good stuff than it is to eliminate the bad stuff. There is no reliable explanation, aside from genetics, why some people get cancer and other people do not. My peace comes from knowing that eating the good stuff may not cure a disease, but it can prevent it. So now, I help others others navigate their health journey, prevent disease, and live a healthier life.