Rainy Days Go Away: Top 4 Tips For Staying Motivated

Stay Motivated With Rainy Days

For summer, it’s been awfully rainy where I live. If you’re like me, that means yearning for sleep and snuggling with my dog under a blanket. While I enjoy hanging with my pup, rainy days take away any motivation I had to complete work which isn’t convenient. Additionally, my mood is ruined, and my social stamina decreases; both are recipes for emotional disaster and the need to find ways to stay motivated. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather, but we can control our outlook. As someone who’s endured their fair share of gloomy days, I have a few tips that allow me to control my approach and stay motivated.

 Get Up and Get Moving

I think we can all agree that the worst part of a rainy day is getting out of bed. There’s a reason why “rain sounds” are popular for sleep; they’re relaxing. You can stay motivated the entire day if you stop hitting the snooze button and just get out of bed. I found that it is easier to put your alarm clock far from your bed because it forces you to get up which makes you less likely to get back in bed. Additionally, there are apps that make you solve problems or do tasks in order to turn your alarm off. All are successful tools that will help you conquer the hardest step to a productive, rainy day.

Shortly after getting up, you NEED to get moving. Even looking at your bed can compel you to get back under your warm blankets. Walk to your bathroom and splash some water on your face and drink a tall glass of cold water. There’s nothing better than jump-starting your metabolism to start your morning.

I’ve found that light cardio is also a great way to start the morning. If there is a torrential downpour of rain, you may want to try a ten-minute cardio video on YouTube. If the rain stops, take a walk or go on a jog before it starts again, you’ll thank yourself later. If you find yourself drifting off in your office chair, stand up and walk in place.

Be Prepared

My favorite song from “The Lion King” happens to be a fantastic motto for a rainy day. You have the weather app on your phone and if you don’t, you’re local forecast is on your TV; you should know when it’s going to rain unless you live in the Midwest, then you just never know when it’s going to rain. If you can, try and get as much work done as possible the day before it rains. That way, if you can’t find the motivation, at least your workload has decreased. I know it can be tedious, but the result is totally worth it. 

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Pump Up the Jam

I mentioned before that the sound of rain is enough to put someone to sleep so it’s best to make sure you can’t hear it. Staying motivated can be as easy as turing on some music to bust a move. There’s nothing better than dancing the rainy-day blues away. You’re getting a workout in and completing your work; that’s the perfect combo. Whether you turn on your speaker or plug your earphones in, dancing will surely lighten the mood.

Happy Light

Whenever I’m feeling down, my mom gives me her “Happy Light.” It’s a light that mimics the sunlight which is something I’m currently lacking. While it isn’t going to give you a tan, it will lighten the mood (quite literally). You can get on Amazon and I would also check Walmart, but this light is a great investment for a rainy day. It’s easy to lose motivation on rainy days, but mimicking a sunny day is one of the many qualities of a “Happy Light”.

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