TikTok Trend Fad or Fit? 4 Popular TikTok Trends For Health

TikTok Trend Fad or Fit?

With summer waning and the new season upon us, goal setting is crucial. Whether it be fitness habits or nutrition to improve your wellness, the internet never fails to spit up something life-changing. It’s definitely reassuring to explore all of the options that promote your goals, however, fact-checking is necessary to ensure that you aren’t wasting your time and money.

            As a health fanatic, I’ve spent much of my summer preparing deliciously healthy foods, working out, and finding better alternatives to lotions and hair products that will improve my wellbeing. Social media platforms such as Pinterest and TikTok have provided the opportunity for me to research some of the hacks that I’ve found interesting.

Hack #1 – Chlorophyll Water

If you have ever attended a biology class, you know that chlorophyll is the substance that gives plants their green color. Now, it’s trendy to drink guaranteeing health benefits such as detoxing and curing acne, but health officials report that chlorophyll isn’t necessary to achieve these outcomes. In a segment for Everyday Health focusing on this ridiculous trend, Dr. Gary Stoffer, MD, reports that leafy vegetables are a better alternative to green water.

I know it’s disappointing to hear that you still have to eat your vegetables, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that this TikTok trend is a fad. Furthermore, Dr. Stoffer acknowledges that chlorophyll drops don’t just contain chlorophyll like the bottles advertise, but also “alfalfa (Medicago sativa), silkworm droppings, and algae.” I couldn’t imagine drinking a substance that remotely has anything to do with bugs. While the scientific benefits are still being researched, you’re much better off figuring out ways to make brussels sprouts taste better.

Hack #2 – Sun Contour

            This is by far the strangest trend that has appeared on my TikTok page. It is similar to the way some people create “sunburn tattoos” by only placing sunscreen everywhere except in a certain patch of skin. It’s difficult to explain, but you know what I mean. Anyway, this is practically a tan in areas where you would normally contour your face.

Amanda Ross, a lifestyle writer for Byrdie, interviewed Dr. Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist, who found that this trend would simply ruin your skin. It’s no surprise that the sun ages the skin faster, but even worse, Dr. Nazarian reports that the tan or burn you receive could be uneven or blotchy. Not only did your TikTok hack fail, but you’ve made yourself susceptible to all types of skin illnesses. Take it from me, and just stick to your SPF. 


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Hack #3 – Cucumber Water

            Are you looking for a refreshing beverage to quench your thirst? A recent trend on both Pinterest and TikTok has advertised the nutritious qualities of this drink and health professionals are backing it. If you’re interested, just cut up a cucumber and add it to some water with lemon and sip away. For something so simple, it has AMAZING hydrating qualities and can easily replace carbonated beverages. The Healthline reports that it can subside some cravings that may just be a result of your mind.

                        “Furthermore, some people may confuse thirst for hunger and end up snacking or overeating when all they need is a glass of water.”

                                                -Clinically Registered Dietician Katherine Marengo LDN, R.D


With that being said, it’s low calorie and antioxidants properties make this drink worth your time. I tried this TikTok trend and my bloat quickly disappeared. It’s refreshing after a workout or if you are tanning at the pool. Adding fresh vegetables to any of your drinks increases your veggie intake and improves your overall wellness. Give it a try, it won’t hurt you if you don’t like it.

Hack #4 – “Everything But the Bagel”

            There isn’t a Trader Joe’s where I live, but I did manage to get my hands on a copycat version of the “Everything But the Bagel” seasoning at TJ Maxx. You may have seen this seasoning combined with cream cheese and spread on bell peppers. It’s DELICIOUS and Keto friendly. I would beware of the kind of cream cheese you use, otherwise, this snack is filling and low in calories. It’s definitely a “fit” TikTok  trend for your taste buds.

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