True Self Care: 10 Things To Consider

True Self Care: 10 Things To Consider

Swish! I am immersed in my NLP Practitioner studies and am on the unit that describes how to use the Swish technique with clients to help break bad habits. The instructor methodically took the students on a coaching session journey with a client who wanted to stop biting their nails. Through the use of this technique, the client was able to visualize herself not needing to bite her nails. Simply, wow.

What are you struggling with? What new habits have you formed during the global lock down? What new things have you learned about yourself? When was the last time you focused on you? Behaviors are defined as self sabotaging when they create problems with long standing goals.

According to this article in Psychology Today, “the most common self-sabotaging behaviors include procrastination, self-medication with drugs or alcohol, comfort eating, and forms of self-injury such as cutting”. If we have a tendency to self sabotage, the first step is to recognize it. Psychology Today provides this quiz to assess if you are in a place of self sabotage. The quiz centers around the following topics: “How You Approach Change”, “Pleasure and Self care”, “Hidden Drains on Your Time and Energy”, “Procrastination”, “Relationships”, “Work”, and “Money”. I encourage you to take the quiz and see where you are at. Of course, if you are struggling with something very deep, please seek the assistance of a therapist.

True Self Care Wellness Coaching with Health Then Wellness Coaching Do it for yourself not by yourself

Quarantine life plays a major role in each person’s ability to navigate the change of everything and repurpose it into something resourceful. The year 2020 to present represents major change, repurposing, rethinking, re-evaluating, and recharging our view of the world. Adaption and adoption of new formulas abound.

True Self Care health, wellness and life coaching with Health Then Wellness Coaching Do it for yourself not by yourself

Self Care/Self Love is one of those areas that puts the focus back on yourself. I know when I think about my life before it was one of commuting, stressing, accepting toxic people and work environments, over working, under-serving myself-TIRED all the time. When March 2020 happened and everything changed, it was very difficult to adapt. I resented the position of stay at home, until I didn’t. I recognized how much time I spent on people, work, and things that took me away from myself and those that I love. Now I embrace this time.

Here are ten things I started to focus on and continue to today to avoid the tendency to self sabotage:

  1. Start facing problems head on: Don’t let problems linger-address them in the moment and come up with a plan.
  2. Start being your authentic and genuine self: Stop being that person you created that is second rate to yourself.
  3. Take full accountability for your own life: Stop blaming others. Have you watched Shameless? Everything is a choice.
  4. Put your focus on what you can control: Stop worrying about things you can’t. As much as I wish we could, we cannot control the weather.
  5. Be a cheerleader for others wins: Remove jealousy. Create your own wins and celebrate.
  6. Make your own happiness a priority: stop being a people pleaser.
  7. Believe that you can take the next step, start the new career, open the new business: Stop building your personal wall of fear.
  8. Remember the past, live in the present, look forward to what is to come.
  9. Look at what you have: Embrace and enjoy it.
  10. Stop hating your mistakes: With each mistake comes growth, if you allow it to.

Bonus: It is okay to change it up! Don’t feel that you have to follow some random roadmap that the world created for you. Contact us for help navigating change and living your best life

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